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Comme da lo Molino

“As well as the grain is crushed by the mill, the same way, oh my little fairy, my heart is consumed by you”.

‘That is the translation of the few verses from the traditional Neapolitan song “Comme da lo Molino”. The song was inspired by a composition from Niccolò Piccinni, important figure of Italian and French opera in the second half of the 18th century. The song is from 1766 and it derives from the opera “La Molinarella”, from Brunetta’s aria precisely. It was buried for many years and brought back to light by Roberto Murolo, who put it in the first volume of his work “Napoletana. L’Antologia cronologica della canzone partenopea”, a revival of traditional Neapolitan Songs.’

Gianluca is an Italian-born, London-based, American-rooted singer-songwriter, and plays all over the place as Gian Luca. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and his Website.

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