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Llundain Fawr

‘“Ym Mhont-y-Pridd mae Nghariad” is an old folk song from South Wales which was in a book of popular welsh folk songs. I heard a good version by Ghazalow which is a collaboration between welsh folk singer Gwyneth Glyn and Mumbai ghazal singer Tauseef Akhtar.

I changed the words “Ym Mhont-y-Pridd” to “Yn Llundain Fawr” – in Big London, because I have never been to and have little connection with Pont-y-Pridd, a town in South Wales. I also changed some of the words to the North Wales equivalents and changed the line “ar lanau Taf” -on the shores of the Taf – to “ar lanau Lligwy”, because Lligwy is the river that flows through my village, Betws-y-Coed.’

Liam is a singer-songwriter from North Wales. He now plays all over London, either as The Worldwide Welshman, or with his band Liam and His Ego. Follow him on Facebook and his website

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