Signe and Andreas | Denmark

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Ramund is a one of the oldest danish folk songs, from 1716. The song is about Ramund killing trolls and the emperor, to get his daughter and kingdom. It had this mythical feeling which reminds me of the Scandinavian sagas. We choose the song because we wanted to interpret one of the first Danish folk songs, and Signe knew this one very well after both playing it on violin and singing in a choir. We also wanted to take a song from the Danish Højskole songbook.

In the process of interpreting the song we jammed it out in the nighttime, which has maybe given it an ambient feeling. We choose to sing three verses and then change the melody in the third verse and add extra drums to give it more drive, which felt natural for us to do. Andreas took the sound of a flute to give it a middleage vibe. There’s not many people who interpret Danish folk songs in a modern way, but one Danish band Sorte Muld have done it, and also use electronic instruments.


Ramund he was a better man,
He had better clothes.
The queen gave him fine clothes
Of blue yarn, raffia and leather.
“Such I will not have,” said Ramund.
“Such isn’t good for me,” said Ramund the Young.

Ramund went out at the salted sea-beach,
Where he saw seven trolls stand.
“Do I take Ramund in my smallest hand
And throw him far from the country?”
“You won’t do that on your own,” said Ramund.
“You must come all seven!” said Ramund the Young.

Ramund took to his expensive sword ,
That he called Dymlingen Red.
Slaughtered the seven trolls in one cut,
So the blood flowed them to death.
“There are all seven,” said Ramund .
“And after everything I still stand here” said Ramund the Young.

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