Hamish and Adam | Scotland

Hamish and Adam (Nae Plans) | Scotland

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Canadee-I-O | Nae Plans | Scotland

Sometimes also known as ‘The Wearing of the Blue’ this is a traditional Canadian and English folk ballad believed to be written in the 1830s. Hamish first heard it sung by the English folk legend, Nic Jones, and here it is given the Nae Plans treatment – strictly unrehearsed and very well received by the audience in the Old Bridge, Aviemore.

‘Two of Scotland’s finest folk musicians, composers and teachers Hamish Napier (piano, flute, whistle, vocals) and Adam Sutherland (fiddle) join forces as Nae Plans with a unique and daredevil approach to performing.

The Nae Plans philosophy leaves no room for rehearsals, set lists or even discussion about the performance until the pair come together on-stage. With the aim of capturing the spontaneity and intuitive creativity of the infamous early morning ‘house session’ Adam and Hamish take their ‘Highland Living Room’ to venues throughout Scotland and beyond. It makes for a seat-of-the-pants, incredibly exciting experience for both listener and performer.’

You can find out more about Nae Plans on their website, and buy their music on Bandcamp. You can also follow them on Twitter, and Facebook. Their single ‘Lyness Oil Tank, Hoy’ is available here, with a very trendy video shot in an oil tank!

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